Discover How To Make Passive Income By Using The Landlord Method In The Beauty Industry By Opening Your Own Salon Suites

Without Using Your Own Money Or Experience

Discover How To Make Passive Income By Using The Landlord Method In The Beauty Industry By Opening Your Own Salon Suites

Without Using Your Own Money Or Experience

Hi, it’s Snoop 

Hi, it’s Snoop 

and I have an exciting opportunity for you today. There is a transformation happening in the beauty industry and it is creating a unique profit opportunity for entrepreneurs like you.

You see, more and more beauty professionals – I’m talking about stylists and nail technicians and estheticians and massage therapists and others – are choosing to go out on their own instead of working for a traditional salon.

People today want to be in business for themselves.

But they need a place to work and that’s where you can come in.

In my Salon Suites Mastercourse, you can learn how to provide just what these beauty professionals are looking for – a great place to house their solo businesses.
The great thing is when they choose your salon suites you’ll start receiving recurring income each month!

I own three upscale locations right now and let me tell you the income is amazing.

Now you can start earning your fair share of the profits and you don’t need to have any beauty industry experience whatsoever to succeed with this. Or if you wanted to use one of your suites for your own beauty business you could do that as well.

In the mastercourse, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know, including: how to get started, how to build your salon suites, how to attract beauty professionals, how to maintain an occupancy rate of 92% or higher at all times, and much, much more.
I’ll also explain to you all about licensing and leases and setting rules for suite owners. I’m telling you this is an incredible opportunity to grow your income and you’ll have time to enjoy all that money …

Because with salon suites you can generate profits while basically being a semi-absentee owner. This is all so easy!

In fact, salon suites are already in such high demand that you could turn a positive cash flow within 60 days of opening and you could get your full investment back within six months or less!

So please read this web page and then click the sign-up button and let’s get started turning you into a successful salon suites business owner so that you can become your own boss and live your dream lifestyle.

From Snoop

Creator of the Salon Suites Mastercourse

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur

The beauty industry has long been an attractive market for aspiring entrepreneurs … but never more so than it is today!

Why? Because the beauty industry is in the midst of a transition and that transition is creating a massive profit opportunity for those who are “in the know.”

Let me explain: you see, right now 30% to 35% of cosmetology professionals are operating independently of a traditional salon facility.

But that number is expected to grow to a whopping 75% within the next five years!

That means all of these stylists, nail technicians, massage therapists, estheticians, and more are going to need someplace to work.

And that’s where you come in!
In the Salon Suites Masterclass, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create and run a profitable salon suite.

I currently own three salon suites myself and I love how they pour money into my bank account on autopilot. I can basically be an “absentee owner” and still make money – lots and lots of money – on a recurring basis.

I don’t have to worry about employees or office squabbles or scheduling or anything like that … and I still generate constant cash flow.

It’s a truly amazing business model and it’s helped me win Entrepreneur of the Year from The Gathers Group as well as from Igrushi Stylists.
Now I want to show you how it is all done. Since I’ve done this myself, I feel uniquely qualified to “show you the ropes” and help you get started as fast as possible while avoiding costly mistakes.

This masterclass reveals how to make money as a salon suites landlord, how to find the perfect location, how to get your salon suites built quickly and easily, how to set rates, draft leases, and attract salon professionals, how to market your business, including on social media, and much, much more.

You don’t even need a background in the beauty industry to succeed with this opportunity.

I’m here to help you navigate the process so that you can get your business up and running and earn profits in no time.

But What Exactly Are Salon Suites?

Salon suites are simply the hottest thing to hit the beauty industry in years.

Basically, salon suites are a concept that allows beauty professionals to own their own salon without all the overhead, expenses and risks that come with a traditional salon environment.

As the salon suites owner, you provide the professionals with their own suite for their business.

They take control of their business and can set their own hours while you are able to earn consistent cash flow with very little effort.

You serve as more of a property manager … unless you also want to open your own beauty business in one of the suites.

The great thing is now is the perfect time to open your own salon suites as most independent beauty professionals are expected to operate out of this type of arrangement in the future.

Salon suites are already in such high demand that you could turn a positive cash flow within 60 days of opening and you could get your full investment back within six months or less!

This mastercourse gives you everything you need to know so that you can avoid a costly and frustrating trial and error process.

I’ll walk you through the entire business-building process from how to find the right architect and contractor to how to fill your suites with tenants to how to grow your business and open multiple sites and much more.

Imagine being able to make money while being an absentee or semi-absentee owner …

Imagine having a profitable business without having to worry about overhead and staffing and so much more ...

With your own salon suites business, you can be your own boss. You can set your hours and decide when and where and how much you want to work. It’s a dream lifestyle with the potential to produce a true dream income and, again, you don’t need any beauty industry experience to be successful!

Discover All the Secrets
to Succeeding with Salon Suites!

As we noted above, there is a revolution occurring in the beauty industry right now and this is your chance to take advantage of where the industry is headed.

In this mastercourse, you’ll learn:

  • How to pick the perfect location for your salon suites
  • ​How to layout your space to get the maximum amount of suites – and profits
  • ​How to find talented, reliable architects and contractors to bring your vision to life
  • ​How to build your business and open it step by easy step – just follow the steps, I cover everything you need to know, including what licenses and insurance are needed and how to get them
  • ​How to lease your suites and keep an occupancy rate of 92% or higher
  • ​How to market your suites to beauty professionals so that they are basically lining up to work on your property
  • ​How to efficiently operate your suites and put systems in place that allow you to become a semi-absentee owner
  • ​Where to buy equipment so that you get quality without breaking your budget
  • ​Plus, tips for maximizing the lifespan of your equipment and suites
  • ​And much more

You are going to be excited at how easy this all is to do thanks to this masterclass.

You are going to be excited at how easy this all is to do thanks to this mastercourse.

I’ve gone through all the “trial and error” and “learn as you go” parts for you. Now you can learn from me what to do and what mistakes to avoid to provide your salon suites business with the best chance for success.

Since I’ve experienced this myself I know exactly what needs to be done and I am going to share everything I’ve learned with you. Not only that but I’m also going to simplify the process so that you can achieve your goals quicker and easier than I did.

I’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to get started. I’ll also show you the best way to operate your suites so everyone is happy.

You won’t be left on your own to figure everything out by yourself. Instead, you will have a complete blueprint to follow to realize your entrepreneurial dreams. - Snoop

Introducing the
Salon Suites Mastercourse!

the Salon Suites

Sign up now and get immediate access to 5 modules + Bonuses

In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • Module #1 – Why Salon Suites? … an $897 value!
  • ​Module #2 – How Do You Make Money? … an $297 value!
  • Module #3 – How to Get Started? … an $397 value!
  • ​Module #4 – How Do You Operate a Salon Suites Business? … an $697 value!
  • Module #5 – How to Market Your Salon Suites Business? … an $497 value!
  • ​BONUS Module – Private Facebook Group Access

That’s a total value of $4,485!

But if you sign up today you only pay

But you must hurry! 

But you must hurry! 

Enrollment at this low price is limited to just 50. When that limit is hit the price will rise!

Don’t miss this chance to learn all about running a profitable salon suites business.

Thanks to the transformation that is occurring in this marketplace there is a real opportunity to profit right now.

Plus, if you wait too long someone else in your area may take advantage of this offer and “beat you to the punch” – taking control of your market before you even have a chance.

Don’t let someone else earn those five-figure monthly profits you could be earning!

Here’s What is Included
in the Mastercourse

Take a Look at What You'll Get

Module #1 – Why Salon Suites?

Here you’ll learn:
  • Important information about the beauty industry and how to succeed in it
  • Salons versus Salon Suites – discover the differences and how salon suites can help you open the door to major profits
  • Why no experience is needed to succeed with this opportunity – plus, what you do need to know to make big money
  • ​How to maintain low operating and payroll costs that’ll send your profits soaring even higher
  • ​​How to operate your business with minimal owner involvement and liability
  • ​The minimal licenses you need and how to get them

Module #2 – How Do You Make Money?

Here you’ll learn:
  • How to make money via the Landlord Method
  • How to make money with the Valet Method
  • How to make money through vending machines and food services
  • ​Plus, how to make money with a beauty supply store – find out what you really need to have on hand for beauty professionals

Module #3 – How to Get Started?

Here you’ll learn:
  • How to choose a great business name
  • The factors that go into making a perfect space – such as size, price per sq ft, parking, part of the city – and how to find your ideal location
  • How to decide between leasing or buying – and how to negotiate the absolute best deal
  • ​How to find and hire great contractors and architects for your project
  • ​​How to go about building your salon suites step by step
  • ​How to get the right licenses, liability insurance, and rental insurance
  • ​What you need to know about decor, furniture, and equipment

Module #4 – How Do You Operate a Salon Suites Business?

Here you’ll learn:
  • How to apply for a cosmetology license
  • How to lease suites like a pro – including how to set rates, draft leases, attract suite owners and keep them, what types of leases to sing with suite owners, and much more
  • How to set rules for suite owners to protect your property and your profits
  • ​What you need to know about 24-hour access
  • ​Whether to use a live receptionist or software
  • ​What you need to know about valet contracts and insurance
  • ​What products you need to have on hand – like towels, bathroom products, and more

Module #5 – How to Market Your Salon Suites Business?

Here you’ll learn:
  • How to excel at social media marketing
  • How to target ads and pages to your best prospects
  • How to use billboard advertising to fill up your suites
  • ​How to properly utilize direct mail marketing to grow your salon suites business 
  • ​​Where to get your best leads and more

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  • Plus, you can interact with fellow masterclass students who are eager to support and encourage you on your journey.
  • They could even serve as accountability partners to ensure you stay on track for program completion.

But act now and you can get it ALL FOR JUST $997!

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What Others Are Saying
About My Training


I am excited to give WhoIsSnoop’s "Starting Your Salon Suites Business” course 5 stars across the board! Ive known Mychel for 15 years now and seeing her speak about where she’s placed herself in life today is so admirable. Im super proud of what she’s accomplished thus far. However, watching her duplicate these salon suites became contagious and I decided to take this course and check it out for myself. In this Salon Suite Business course, she breaks down everything from the “Do’s & Don’ts” in this industry, to understanding the process from start to finish! She inspired me to step outside of my box a little bit and try something slightly new for myself. The course is very encouraging to those with little to no experience. There are even shortcuts and secret gems that are dropped that will help you navigate yourself on how to start correctly. I would highly recommend all of us that are interested in passive income to take the course and shoot for the stars! Thank you Mychel and the rest of her team for sharing the wealth! I can’t wait to reach the finish line!

- Dominique G.
My strategy session with Snoop was instrumental to the advancement of AreaLive. She provided us with marketing strategies and new ways to approach brand awareness. She also challenged us to take a deeper evaluation of our mission statement. It was easy coordinating schedules for our initial face to face meeting and she has been very responsive via email even afterwards. I look forward to having another session with Snoop after reaching the benchmarks that were set during our initial meeting.

- J. Allen
I reached out to Snoop when I began to consider opening a salon suite business. Snoop answered all of my questions and provided real insight based on her own processes that she implemented to grow the Remedy locations. Listening to her advice gave me the stamp of approval I was looking for in regards to knowing if this could actually be a stress free, lucrative business after the build out was complete.
One of the more important things I took away from our consult calls was the information she shared regarding the budgeting and cost of her buildouts. This helped me understand before getting started if I could actually afford to do this venture. Additionally, she also provided direct contacts for credit repair and lenders to ensure I was prepared for any future funding that would be needed to launch. Ultimately, I would recommend Snoop's course based on the simple fact that this business model can be very expensive to launch considering the cost of build outs in today's market. I'm sure her advice can save you a lot of money and headaches during the process. Don't play yourself, buy the course.

- Charnae W.
I am currently in the process of opening a salon suites business. This is a totally new venture for me so of course my nerves and worries were on high alert. Literally, the defined direction, clarity and comfort I have received from consulting with Snoop is everything! I feel so much more confident moving forward, and will be saving a lot more money thanks to Snoop. She is extremely successful and clearly very passionate about empowering others with the right tools and knowledge to be successful as well!

-Ifeoma Okosi-Bojeghre

Now is the Time to
Open a Salon Suites Business!

Demand for salon suites is high and projected to get much higher in the coming years.

By jumping in now, you could be uniquely positioned to create a business empire!

I’m living proof of what is possible in this marketplace. Right now, I have three wildly successful salon suites businesses in very upscale locations.

I’m going to share all of my success secrets with you. I promise to not hold anything back. You’ll learn how to avoid costly mistakes and exactly what you need to do to achieve success as fast as possible.
So now the decision is yours:

Try to forget everything you’ve read today and turn your back on this exciting opportunity (just don’t be surprised if you end up regretting that decision in a week or a month or even a year from now) …

Or sign up for this masterclass and learn exactly what you need to do to make money with your very own salon suites business.

You’ll receive proven success strategies and business-building tips that will put you squarely on the fast track to success.

The modules in this course cover all aspects of the business – from how to get started to how to fill suites to how to maximize profits and much more.

This masterclass erases stressful uncertainty and shows you what to do step by step.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Get Access to the Salon Suites Masterclass?

You will enjoy lifetime access to the course and materials. That way anytime you need to refresh your understanding of a topic or to get advice in a certain area you can log in and access the course.

How Long Do I Get Access to the Salon Suites Private Facebook Group?

Full access for 6 months to Private Community for Free. If you want to keep access to SSM Community & Private Coaching, do nothing and you'll be billed $97/month giving you access to all the live Sessions

How Long Does the Masterclass Take to Complete?

Most students are able to complete it within six weeks. However, you can go as fast or slow as you want – it’s totally up to you!

What is the Refund Policy?

There are no absolutely no refunds for this product for any reason. 
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